LBJ Las Platicas

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LBJ Las Platicas


24th January 2020 | 1:00 PM


LBJ Center


1 Hours

Event Description

Las Pláticas give all parents the opportunity to sit together and discuss the Mental Wellness of themselves and their family members. Mental Wellness is reflected in the capacity to cope with all of life’s circumstances – the high and the lows, and the joys and sorrows. We all experience good days and bad days; the difference is how we get through them and our ability to continue building successful life management skills. So, come join us to discuss different approaches that we may have found helpful in our efforts to meet our children’s needs.

Event Content

A Mental Health Professional will be at the meeting and will discuss different topics that relate to the Mental Wellness of all families. The Mental Health Professional will discuss topics such as Stress Management, Domestic Violence, Positive Discipline, or Increasing Self-Esteem. Parents may also be helped by talking about their own experiences and by learning from one another, as well as by listening to topics presented in this meeting by a Mental Health Consultant.

Las Pláticas also give parents the opportunity to seek guidance from Mental Health Professionals that are available for the program.